Stefan Sagmeister at Tbilisi Design Festival

The main guest of the Tbilisi Design Festival needs no introduction... but we can't refuse ourselves the pleasure of giving him one nonetheless.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Ad Black Sea team is honored to present to you the man around whom this year's event was built:

A native of Austria, a resident of New York, a winner of practically every important international design award (plus a couple of Grammys - because, why not?), one of the most frequently invited TED speakers, a best-selling author, typographer and a creator of the most visited graphic design show in history, the long-term thinker, and just a man on the quest for happiness - Stefan Sagmeister.

On May 1st, Stefan Sagmeister will visit the capital on the edge of a very special Europe, where he will deliver a keynote speech for the guests of the first-ever Tbilisi Design Festival.