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General Rules and Eligibility for Ad Black Sea - International Festival of Creativity in Batumi, Georgia (September 12-14, 2024)

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  • 01
    By entering Ad Black Sea International Festival of Creativity, Entrants agree to be bound, and abide, by the Rules. We have absolute discretion to determine the application of the Rules or to resolve any ambiguity in them as we see fit.
  • 02
    Ad Black Sea is open to all parties and organizations involved in advertising, production, media, PR, design and creative industries throughout the world, including advertisers, media companies etc. The festival is international, entries are accepted from participants from any country in the world (For exceptions please refer to Rule 14).
  • 03
    The Entry must have aired, launched or been released to the relevant Audience for the first time during the period from April 1, 2023 to July 1 2024 (except K. Creative Effectiveness).
  • 04
    The entries that were submitted for Ad Black Sea 2023 in the same contest/category are not accepted for participation.
  • 05
    The Entry has been created within the context of a normal paying contract (except for inhouse agencies) and genuine brief from a Brand or, if it’s a case of self-promotion or a non-profit organisation, the Brand has approved all of the media/production/implementation.
  • 06
    You have permission to submit the Entry from the commissioning Brand/Brand-owning company.
  • 07
    The Entry has been submitted exactly as published/aired/released and has not been modified for entry.
  • 08
    The entry is not speculative or conceptual advertising, and has not been banned or withdrawn from airing.
  • 09
    A duly authorised senior officer (CD, CEO or Chairperson) from the Entrant has given permission for the work to be entered.
  • 10
    There is no reference to your Company or any contributing creative Companies in any digital or physical materials (except in the case of self-promotion or if the reference existed in the original execution).
  • 11
    All supporting case films and materials are correct and final versions (these cannot be changed once your Entry has been submitted).
  • 12
    The Work can be understood in English
  • 13
    Only one entrant may submit an Entry within a category , i.e. either the agency or the production company may enter a piece that both parties have worked on, but not both. One entry/campaign may be submitted into different categories.
  • 14
    The Entrant is not based in or residing in Russia or Belarus. And the Entry is not in relation to a project or Client based in Russia or Belarus.
  • 15
    By uploading and submitting Entry to the competition online, Entrant undertakes to pay entry fees. All entries submitted to the competition will be judged, and the payment of fees will be due, unless the entries are withdrawn, in writing, before August 25, 2024. Entries cannot be cancelled or removed from the competition after this date.
  • 16
    The Entry is not a Scam Entry.
  • 17
    All relevant rights and consents required to allow The Festival, and any authorized third parties, to use the Entry Materials as set out in these Rules including, but not limited to, submitting the Entry Materials to a jury for judging and screening the Entry Materials in public have been obtained prior to the Entry being submitted.
  • 18
    The Festival reserves the right to use Entry Materials for its promotional purposes.
  • 19
    By registering an account, you acknowledge and agree that the information you have provided can be used by the Festival to help develop and improve our services and in future marketing communications.