Tbilisi Design Festival!

If it’s nice, do it twice - A.K.A. we have some monumental news for you!

As the organizers of the region’s favorite event, the Ad Black Sea team is delighted to share with you our newest creation - the first-ever Tbilisi Design Festival. 

The format is familiar: talks, panels, brand interactions, workshops, masterclasses, and more - the event will feature everything you know and love about the ABS experience… With two distinctions, however: it will take place in Tbilisi, and will be solely focused on design.

Why design? Because, from the simplest item imaginable to the most complex machine, software or even a city, everything in our lives is designed. Because design is much more than just creating a product that looks good - it’s one of the most powerful forces in our lives. The one that shapes the way we interact with the world. The one that inspires, empowers, and enlightens us. Because design is everything, and everything is design. And we want to highlight the importance of this quintessential medium that combines form, function, ideas, and experience.

Why Tbilisi? Because the love affair between Georgia’s capital and design keeps fascinating and inspiring us at every step. This vibrant, cosmopolitan city is an amalgam of contradictions, cultures and lifestyles, and the ultimate playground for the creative mind. Which is why we simply couldn’t resist its magic.

So, from now on, we will see each other twice as often! We will gather the Design & Creative communities to inspire, explore, exchange knowledge, and grow together - first on May 1st in Tbilisi, then on September 12-14 in Batumi. 

We have more exciting news that we can’t wait to share with you. But all in due time. 

Until then - get ready and stay tuned!