Ad Black Sea for Ukraine

In the ever-changing world two things remain the same: our commitment to creativity and our unwavering support for Ukraine. Just like last year, we have a couple of important updates for our regional colleagues:

- Warships are not welcome. We, above all, are a community that strongly believes in freedom and independence - two notions that extend far beyond the borders of profession or personal interests. Due to this, the Ad Black Sea festival will not open its doors for any agencies or companies from either Russia or Belarus. No work completed for clients from these countries is eligible for entering the competition either.

- Ukrainian nationals and agencies will enjoy a 50% discount on all Ad Black Sea competition submissions. The discount also applies to the purchase of any number of festival passes (these will be available shortly). In order to get this discount just register an account at adblacksea.com and select the "Participant from Ukraine" from the dropdown menu in the Association Membership field of the registration form.

The creative industry is one of the best examples of humanity's unyielding strive to change the world for the better. And the Ad Black Sea team is honored to support this strive in any way we can.

Looking forward to seeing you in Batumi!