Entries will need to demonstrate ideas that are wired for sound; that is, work that communicates a brand message through audio excellence, sonic innovation or superior aural storytelling. 
The category can include the use of audio in digital channels.

Contest categories


FMCG and other consumer products including durable goods, food and drinks, automotive, clothing, household products, beauty & cosmetics, toiletries & pharmacy, footwear & accessories, etc.

Financial services, retail and e-commerce incl. restaurants, telecommunications, business products & services incl. agencies, commercial public services, healthcare etc.

Self promotion: for advertising agencies.

Media: publications, TV, radio stations, media time and space.


Public awareness messages, government & forces recruitment, unions and associations, environmental awareness, state education, racial, ethnic & disability awareness, blood & organ donation, etc.


Innovative use of the Radio or Audio medium to communicate a brand's message. Work that enhances and reinvigorates the consumers' experience by allowing them to engage with and respond to the Radio or Audio content.




-Use of Radio or Audio as a Medium (recognises the innovative or creative use of radio or audio as a medium in a campaign, how the radio medium itself was used in a creative and innovative way to communicate the brand's message), 


-Use of Audio Technology (recognises forward thinking ideas, whose creative use has directly enhanced the experience of the listener. The technology demonstrated should be specifically for the use of radio. This may include use of apps or mobile/web technology, software development, and technology that demonstrates a development in the production process and distribution of audio),


-Branded Content / Programming (recognises creative excellence in paid-for, sponsored or brand funded content/programming on radio stations. Including streaming, podcast or programme sponsorship. The content should exemplify the brand message/ethos, as well as enhance the experience of the listener.)


The process of specifying, acquiring, manipulating or generating audio elements, including sound effects, location recordings, 'atmos', etc.


Includes original composition, licensed recordings or adapted/altered versions of an existing recording.



Recognises the ability of script to creatively transform a brand idea or message into an audio context that enhances the experience of the listener and meets the confines of the brief and regional regulations.


Recognises the overall delivery of the script through performance, where voice performance is integral to the success of the spot. This could include tone and pacing, use of accents or impersonation etc.



  1. Entry materials are the most important elements of your entry. This is what the judges will examine, watch and read during their decision-making.
  2. Please make sure that the version you have uploaded is final and it is can be used for judging and shown publicly. Do not upload 'holding media' (i.e. incorrect/fake MP3, MOV, MP4, etc.)
  3. Each advertisement constitutes one entry. Advertisements which form a campaign must be entered and paid for as single entries.
  4. Please carefully check and re-check the credits you have entered. These credits will be published on our website exactly as you have typed them. Credits cannot be altered during judging. 
  5. It will be in your own interest to explain or translate any specific word play or local, social, cultural or political references and nuances. 
  6. Please ensure you do not refer to the name of your agency or any contributing creative companies anywhere on your submission materials with the exception of self-promotion.



Make sure that the version you have uploaded is final and it can be used for judging and shown publicly. 

  1. We require one digital file for each entry, strictly in the following format: 
  • MP3 Format, bit rate 128 kbps (minimum)/258 kbps (preferred), compression ratio 11:1. 
  • File size should not exceed 3MB.
  • The maximum length for each entry is 180 seconds.
  • All entries MUST be submitted in the original language of the ad. 
  • If the original language is not English, we strongly recommend that you also submit an English language version of the ad. 
  • If an entry is submitted ONLY in English from a country where English is not the mother tongue, we may require proof that the ad has always and only aired in English. 
  • All submissions must be supplied as originally transmitted, with no additions or alterations. Any translated ads should be exact translations of this original ad, not an updated or amended version.
  • If your entry requires an explanation please provide this in the creative idea text field. DO NOT add a verbal explanation to the MP3 file.
  • Therefore, it will be in your own interests to explain or translate any specific word play or local, social, cultural or political references and nuances in the creative idea text field.
  • Each version of the ad MUST be submitted as a separate MP3 file. When submitting two versions of the ad, please ensure you do not include both versions in one file.

       2. Written Script (for radio ads): All entrants must submit a full and accurate English script for each ad entered.  Please note that these scripts will be read by the Jury, and must be provided accurately and in full.

       3. You may also supply case film as additional supporting material.

  • Film are accepted as a link to YouTube or Vimeo. 
  • Please ensure that any files uploaded, do not contain the name of the agency. No agency branding or any contributing creative companies/people must be visible on the entry (e.g. logos, credits etc.) except for self-promotion entries.
  • Do not delete the video from the provided Youtube/Vimeo link after entry submission. The video must be public.
  • You should upload your film as MOV/MP4 file to YouTube/Vimeo. Please note the file size should be no bigger than 350MB.
  • It is in your interests to provide the jury with a high-quality file version of your film.

Please supply 2 versions of your case film, as follows:

  • Full version: 120 seconds long

    This case film will be viewed by the Jury during voting and deliberations and could be used if your entry is a winner in post-Festival promotions. It will also be shown at the Festival, to give delegates the opportunity to study, appreciate and learn from the entries. Full case film should be in English.

  • Short version (AWARDS SHOW FILM): 30-45 seconds

    A shorter, edited version of your case film. This will be shown at the award show, should your work win gold. It will not be shown to the jury. Award Show Films should be in English.


Encoding mode:

multi-pass dimensions are recommended.

Aspect Ratio Resolution Format/Codec Audio
Preferred Full HD 1080p 1920 x 1080 .MOV/H.264 AAC, Stereo, 48kHz
  HD 720p 1280 x 720    
Accepted  4:3 or 16:9 1024x576 .MP4/H.264 AAC, Stereo, 48kHz