Miguel Simoes and Chacho Puebla, MullenLowe Group are giving a speech together at Ad Black Sea 2019 with a fascinating topic “Business Loves creativity. Creativity loves business”.

After working together for more than 15 years Miguel Simoes, CEO and Partner, MullenLowe Group Western Europe, Spain and Chacho Puebla, Chief Creative Officer of MullenLowe Group Western Europe & Regional Creative Director of MullenLowe Group LATAM, Spain came to a conclusion that creativity should be used to solve business problems. Therefore, a good business man should have the power of creativity. Together they have been working on creating one of the most creative agencies of Europe. In their speech they will discuss the ups and downs of working together, of course they will challenge the audience with some creative work and business cases, and they will bring a dog, so don’t miss it.

Miguel’s hard work is always showing results really quickly: businesses are experiencing accelerated reputation enhancement and growth. In fact, as the newly appointed CEO of Western Europe for the MullenLowe Group, Miguel has already led the Spanish agency to the 4th most creative agency in the World, and #1 in Spain. In addition, his agencies in France, Spain and Portugal have recently won a slew of new business with PG Tips, Bimbo, Orlando, and Intermarché.

Miguel is fascinated about the way people think, act, collaborate and interact with brands. He believes that senior talent management is the most impactful way for an executive leader to deliver measurable results. He is optimistic, value driven, practical and persuasive. He is inspired to work with brands that share his vision of creating value in people’s lives, as well as generating passionate, emotional connections with them. 

Miguel is making an expertise for managing global accounts, deciding what brands need to do in order to improve. He leads multi-cultural teams to build global, regional and national brands while solving their business problems. He believes in creating value through powerful, engaging, strategic and creative work. His expertise spans across diverse categories such as FMCG, retail, automotive, financial services, beverages, health & beauty, spirits and food. Originally from Portugal, Miguel spent 10 years living in Spain and is now living in the beautiful city of Paris.

But don’t forget that together with Miguel Simoes, the speech is given with not a less talented men, Chacho Puebla, who is an expert in business turnaround and simply an amazing person.

Horacio or “Chacho” Puebla is originally from Mendoza, Argentina but he has lived and worked in Chile, Portugal, Spain and is currently in France. He spends almost 200 days a year traveling for his clients. He describes himself as a person who can’t stay still.

Chacho builds successful teams and agencies that without doubt make a change in a company's future. Such companies as SEAT, Audi, Magnum, Cornetto, Mattel, Burger King, Pescanova, Cabify, Jeep and Pampero have experienced a big growth thanks to his teams’ effective and creative ideas. All of the agencies he has been responsible for throughout his career have been ranked in the Top 5 of each respective country: Tropa Grey (Chile), Leo Burnett (Chile), Leo Burnett (Portugal), Leo Burnett Iberia (Spain) and LOLA MullenLowe (Spain) which is currently ranked #1 in Spain and 12th in the World.

Not only Chacho is really talented when it comes to building successful teams, but also he is a winner of more than 500 advertising awards, including 5 Gold Effies, 20 Grand Prix, and over 90 Cannes Lions including 15 in 2018. Additionally, thanks to his achievements he has been Jury President in major festivals such as Cannes, D&AD, Andy´s, Eurobest, New York Festivals, El Ojo, El Sol and more.

Chacho likes to share his knowledge with people, so he has given several speeches at such events as Cannes Lions, LA Insights and TEDx. You can travel the world and go to different events to listen to him, as he never gives the same speech twice.

Besides working in advertising, he is actively involved in several other projects such as a craft brewery, a t-shirt company and a nightclub. He also works as a communications advisor for several projects in film and art. He is obsessed with the future and he creates conceptual art pieces that have gone viral online. You might have already heard of some of his projects, or maybe not. Anyways, google more about him and find out how fascinating his life is and how talented he is.

Both experts are really talented and true hard workers. Don’t miss their speech at Ad Black Sea 2019 and be lucky to understand how important it is to be creative in business.

If you have any questions, please contact the organization committee (0038044) 490-90-30 or via mail festival@adblacksea.com – Kate Grabovskaya, project@adblacksea.com – Olga Podgorskaya.

See you in Batumi, Georgia on 19-21 September.

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