Necati Ozkan, Chairman of Brand Week Istanbul and Oyku Dialogue International President, Turkey​


You can be a very-well known candidate or a party leader. You can have an unlimited budget. You can have a great online and offline army of volunteers. You can have powerful friends in the media and society. You can have a very powerful digital engine, application or big data. But you can still lose because of your strategy and message. In this presentation, you will understand the power of strategy and political branding.


About Necati Ozkan

Necati Ozkan is the founder and president of OYKU / Dialogue International; an Istanbul based independent creative agency. He has been working for national and international brands for over three decades.

He has also served as a political consultant and campaign manager for politicians. He has worked for several NGO’s, politicians and mayors. He managed more than 150 local, national, presidential and international political campaigns in Turkey and around.

He won more than 45 awards including 11 Pollie Awards, 5 Reed Awards, 11 Goldie Awards, 2 Adrian Awards and several national awards.

Mr. Ozkan is a past president of Dialogue International (A pan European independent agencies network) and EAPC (European Association of political Consultants) and member of AAPC, IAPC, IAA. He teaches at several universities. He has 4 authored books on strategy and political campaigning.